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MLLD & LDT-890(\AF) Certification Test Fees

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Vaporless Technician Certification Fees

VmI  offers two types of online certification. For individuals who do not test Line Leak Detectors, we offer an “Install and Replace VmMLLD”certification. For testing technicians, we offer an “Operation of VmLDT-890 Leak Detector Tester for Catastrophic Leak Test”certification.

For each Vm LDT-890 or LDT-890\AF Leak Detector Tester purchased, the certification fees will be waived for two technicians when testing is completed within six months from delivery of purchased equipment.  

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Fees and Policies

Technicians seeking certification for “Operation of Vml LDT-890(\AF) Leak Detector Tester for Catastrophic Leak Test” will be charged $125 per certification. Vml will certify up to four technicians per LDT-890(\AF). Technicians installing leak detectors only may elect to test for the certification for “Installing and Replacing Vml MLLDs” for $75 per certification

Each certification is valid for two years. Certification for Operation of the LDT-890(\AF) is dependent upon a valid LDT-890(\AF) serial number. Also, for Vmlto issue certification for Operation of the LDT-890(\AF), the unit must have been factory recalibrated within the last two years. The charge for factory recalibration of an LDT-890(\AF) is $215 plus freight expense, as long as no repairs are required. A full policy statement regarding certification can be viewed at "Vml Catastrophic Testing Policy".

If you have not completed the LDT-890 Registration Form, please do so. Fax to 928-775-5309 or mail to Vaporless Manufacturing, Inc., 8700 E. Long Mesa Drive, Prescott Valley, AZ 86314.  (CLICK HERE to get form)
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Vaporless Certifies Technicians to ensure that installed Vmequipment provices maximum performance and compliance

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