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AST-4010 / AST-4012

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AST-4010 / AST-4012

Fuel Transfer Controllers

Site Transfer Pump Controller • Two Level - Overfill Protection

High Level Warning

•  Shut-down & Alarm

High Level Alarm

•  Shut-down & Lockout


• Full Flow,
• No Valve Restrictions!
• No Hydraulic Hammer!
• Notification and Protection!

Fuel Transfer Controller
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Ability to Empty Hose from Delivery Tanker and Pipe to Storage Tank after 1st High Level Warning!

Enclosure meets or exceeds U.L. Class 1, Group D hazardous environment criteria.

Regulatory Codes require Overfill Protection for all fuel storage tanks. The flow of fuel into a tank must be "automatically shut-off". Additionally, regulatory codes require, and common sense dictates, you provide a means to empty the transfer hose between the supply tank and the transfer pump. The Vmi AST-4010 and AST-4012 Fuel Transfer Controllers provide this with no flow restriction.

The AST-4010 provides overfill protection for a single tank that uses a site mounted, motor starter driven, electric transfer pump. The AST-4012 provides overfill protection for two tanks having a common delivery line, using a single site mounted, motor starter driven, electric transfer pump.

This device may be covered by one or more patent applications  •  Designed and Manufactured in U.S.A.

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