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CFOSI: Coordinated Fuel Oil System Integration

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Coordinated Fuel Oil System Integration
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 A complete synergistic grouping of Control, Compliance, and Reporting with Integrated Line Leak Detection

 For use in Mission Critical Facilities such as Hospitals, Public Safety, Data Centers, Defense, or wherever Generators, Boilers and/or and Emergency Power is required

 Stand-alone, Safe, Line Leak Detection for Mission Critical Applications

CFOSI System Integration

Communications, Display, Alarm & Print

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In many jurisdictions, facilities with mission critical generators and boilers have been granted waivers on line wleak detection requirements. The fear that leak detection equipment could prevent fueling operations to emergency or mission critical equipment has prevented many from incorporating environmental protection equipment. The reality is, for most of these sites, the exercising - testing of these sites to confirm operational functionality is 90% or more of thir run time.

Vmunderstands these mission critical concerns and has designed a system that will provide regulatory compliance qhile ensuring that if a genset day tank calls for fuel in an emergency situation, it will be delivered, regardless of site conditions. A control system fro a line leak detection manufacturer just plain makes sense. Our CFOSI series of controllers provides total system control without the false alarms and fueling interruptions inherent with non-integrated control systems.

Designed and Manufactured in U.S.A.

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