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In-Tank Float Sensor Tester
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 Easily Verify Float Sensor Response

 New & Retrofit Installations

 Compatible with Traditional Fuels, Alternative Fuels, and Chemicals*

 Sensor Tester Accommodates 2" Probes

 Sensor Testers Available in 3', 8', 10', 12', and Beyond

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No More Guessing on Overfills
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No More Guessing or Finger Crossing During Fuel Transfers

Easily verify float sensor response and perform overfill alarm response testing without disturbing sensors in the tank. Ensure that your overfil protection system responds to high and overfill levels. Takes under 5 minutes to set-up and perform test. Test alarm system only or test electronically controlled inlet valves for function. Tester is able to isolate float sensors from the Ullage, testing their liquid level response.

Did Your Overfill Protection Equipment Function Properly During Your Last Fuel Transfer?

In the past, the only means of determining if Overfill Protection Equipment was functioning correctly was to overfill the tank, (hopefully) triggering the Overfill Protection Equipment to actuate. Float sensors can be removed from the tank and manually tested to ensure thy monitor and transmit the proper information correctly, but there has been now way of knowing that the sensor will function "as installed" in the tank.

Trust (but Verify) Your Equipment

The sensor tester installs permanently in a 4" bung (opening) in the tank top. The tank's float sensor is then installed through a 2" port in the Sensor Tester. The technician engages the Sensor Tester, fills the column with fuel, and assures the tank monitoring equipment alarms appropriately. If tank monitoring equipment alarms, the float sensor(s) is functioning. The In-Tank Float Sensor Tester is then quickly reset for normal operations. There is a go-no go cap that assures the sensors are in communication with the tank.

No More Guessing!

*Contact Factory with questions on specific chemical compatibility or longer sensors
This device may be covered by one or more patent applications  •  Designed and Manufactured in U.S.A

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