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ISM-4080 and ISM-4081

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ISM-4080 and ISM-4081

Integrated Shutdown Module

Submersible Shutdown with a mechanical leak detector

Easily Tested
No False Alarms
Easy, Inexpensive Retrofits

ISM-4080 and ISM-4081

Station operators now have automatic notification of line leaks, not thermal problems. No more drive-off customers from thermal problems!

Automatic Line Repressurization
The ISM-4080 and the ISM-4081 Integrated Shutdown Modules are built using the field proven technology of the ARM-4073 Automatic Repressurization Module. Auto-Repressurization technology (patent application), developed by VmI, prevents leak detector false alarms. The ISM-4080 and ISM-4081 integrate Auto-Repressurization with real time pressure monitoring to determine when thermal contraction is occurring and compensation is required.

Submersible Shutdown at Catastrophic Line Leak Detection
When the mechanical leak detector senses a leak, the turbine authorization is removed and alarm contacts are authorized.

Automatic Line Leak Test
The ISM-4080 and ISM-4081 automatically monitors line leak tests before dispensing product and monitors Auto-Repressurization tests between deispensing cycles.

Manifolded Pumping Systems
Controls multiple submersibles manifolded into one line! Brings manifolded pipe systems into compliance using a leadlag submersible contro for any number of manifolded submersibles.

No Interference with Automatic Tank Testing

Line Leak Monitoring Reports through Automatic Site Monitoring Equipment

Sump Sensor Monitoring

External Bypass Switch

ISM-4080 - Automatic shutdown of the submersible pump is a wump sensor alarm is detected.

ISM-4081 - For use where submersible pump shutdown is not desirable (and not required) if the sump sensor is activated. Allows a choice of alarm only response or submersible shutdown if a sump sensor alarm is activated. The Leak Detector Sensor (Low Pressure) alarm will still shut down the submersible pump following detection of a catastrophic line leak.

Truck Stops, Loading Racks, Manifolded Submersible Systems, Convenience Stores,
Above-ground Storage Tanks, Unattended Card Lock Systems

Patent Application In PRocess  •  Designed and Manufactured in U.S.A.

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