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Model 300-P Containment Sump Leak Detection

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Model 300-P

Containment Sump Leak Detection
Available With Battery Powered Field Printer
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Volumetric Leak Detection:

System reports gallon per hour leak rate, test media level drop and actual test time.

System Identifies Sump Deformation:

Automatically identifies the need for extended test time to eliminate false alarms caused by sump deformation.

System Identifies Thermal Variations:

Automaticall identifies the need for extended test time.

Intrinsically Safe 12 Volt Operation:

Accessible / Replaceable 12V battery.

Fast Test Results:

Normal test time is 15 minutes for up to 13 square feet of surface area.

Model 300-P Containment Sump Leak Detection

Accurately Test Up to 13 Square Feet of Surface Area:

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Model 300-P Test Kit

Available Options:

Battery operated Printer with Cable and Carry Case.

System Component List:

Manufactured and supported by Barrett Engineering • 707-725-9898 • 606 L Street, Fontana, CA. 925540
Distributed by Vaporless Manufacturing, inc. • 800-367-0185 • 8700 E. Long Mesa Dr., Prescott Valley, AZ 86314
Designed and Manufactured in U.S.A

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