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OFP-2  (Overfill Protection Valve)

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Overfill Protection Valve
For above Ground Storage Tanks

+Alcohols, Biodiesel and Aviation Fuels

Smaller is better. To prove it, Vmi introduces the OFP-2 series of overfill protection valves. Higher flow rates with less pressure (See Flow Rates). Overall height of main valive is three inches shorter, allowing it to fit in virtually any spill containment pan.

OFP-2 Overfill Solution
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OFP - Functional Test Kit*
OFP-2 Detail View
FLOW RATES:  Highest in Class

140 GPM @ 30 PSI: CAUTION:The delivery truck pump must be equipped with a functioning pressure relief valve. VmIrecommends not exceeding 30 PSI delivery pressure. The hydraulic shock of an overfill shut-off may damage connecting hoses if excessive pressure is used.

One Valve, Any Tank: Product flow into the tank is shut down completely at any tank level desired. The shut down level is set by suspending the Float Actuated Pilot Valve to the desired level in the tank from the tank top.


**When used with Biodiesel over 5%, any alcohol fuel concentration above 20%, Jet A, JP-4 or AV GAS, order part #OFP2-SSVS for stainless steel fittings and stainless steel vent tubing. For chemical applications other than those listed above, contact factory.

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