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Electronic Line Monitoring System

The PLC-5000 System consists of two primary components, a Central Control Node (CCN) and a Leak Detector Node (LDN).

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•  Tests Volumetrically, not by Pressure Decay, 0.1 and 0.2 gallon per hour annual and monthly testing.
 The 3 GPH (Catastrophic) test can be performed volumetrically or through pressure decay.
 Higher precision, less false alarms!
 Line isolation and control through solenoid valves possible.
 High head pressure and high bleed-back, No Problem.

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Central Control Node:

 Sends authorization requests to the appropriate LDN for submersible control.
 Monitors and directs up to four LDN's.
 Performs Volumetric leak deteced calculations.
 In the event of a detected leak or other reportable alarm (reporting off-line or disabled submersibles, sump sensor alarms, etc.), issues appropriate alarm.

Leak Detector Node:

 Monitors and transmits equipment status and line pressure management inoformation.

Line pressure management includes establishing specific preset line pressure after authorizations end. This is accomplished using a Precision Solenoid Valve and pressure sensor(s).

 Thermal expansion/contraction detection and compensation.

The PLC-5011 CCN and PLC-5012 CCN utilize LonWorks Power-Line Transceivers, communicating with their LDN's over existing electrical wires powering the sumersible. Network Communications using international Forecourt Standards Forum (IFSF) communications, Oil Company backed development standards. Meets FCC (US), Industry Canada (Canada), and CENELEC (European) mains signaling regulations.

PLC-5011 CCN - Control Valve Type - Site Controller with Printer

In addition to the normal submersible control functions, the PLC-5011 CCN is designed to provide for operation of control valves such as those used in the transition sumps of marinas, between the underground portion of the line and the exposed dock line. This eliminates thermal effects on the underground portion of the fuel line.

Loading racks and other high head pressure situations are applications where a control valve, installed after the delivery line leaves the ground, may be used to isolate the underground pipe. This allows testing of the underground pipe and ability to isolate head pressure from the leak detection system. By controlling the opening of such valves, the system can monitor for proper line pressure and accurately perform line leak detection on the underground portion of piping systems. Contacts are provided to manage control valves, allowing the underground piping to be tested independently of the line downstream from the control valve. The provided contacts are used to control voltage to the valves.

Line leak detection between the main tank and day tanks used in conjunction with generators, heating oil burners and associated polishers may be similarly protected. Contact the factor to discuss theses applications.

PLC-5011 CCN can control the sequential starting of multiple submersibles. When the "lead" LDN has determined the line has passed a catastrophic line test, subsequent submersibles are brought on-line. If the lead LDN does not detect a tight line, the lead channel will be de-authorized and the operation of additional submersibles will be prevented.

Options B and C may be ordered with this hardware configuration. See Options in the PDF file below.

Designed and Manufactured in U.S.A.

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