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Safety Port

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Safety Port

Cut Operational Costs

Reduce time to replace filters

Reduce time to initiate Line and Leak Detector tests

Increase Safety for Petroleum Technicians

No spray from pressurized fuel lines

No "flying" plugs accessing a test port

Safety Port Solution
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Installation Point & Quick Connect
Safety Port Installation

Improve Line and Leak Detector Testing

Allows more comprehensive test of system

Faster tests

Environmental Benefit

No spray / spillage reduces air and water quality pollution

Reduces disposal waste and expense of fuel soaked cleanup pads

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For a long period of time, it was common industry practice for petroleum technicians to install and leave in place a quick connect in the test port of the dispenser shear valve. this allowed technicians to connect testing devices into the line without the hazard of exposing themselves to a pressurized fueling system, resulting in safer, quicker line and leak detector tests. However, leaving a quick connect permanently installed in the shear valve is dangerous. As history has shown, this can create another deadly unprotected flow path. Following a horrific accident, this practice has been terminated and existing quick connects removed in many locations and discouraged in others. VmI has the solution! Installing the VmI Safety Port between the dispenser filter and filter adapter provides a save location for permanent installation of a quick connect. The Safety Port also allows filter change-outs without a blast of pressurized fuel escaping the filter.

Patent Application in Process  •  Designed and Manufactured in U.S.A.

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