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Introducing TAP 

The Technician Access Port

 Safe Quick-Connect access for draining of large amount of liquid from the line!
 No "flying" plugs accessing a test port   under pressure
 An easily accessible 1" Port for purging the line!
 Testing from the tap includes in-dispenser piping that is excluded when testing from the shear valve

Tap with Stainless

Test Port History

TAP with hose

For years, technicians have installed and left behind Quick Connect fittings (or a short length of pipe or hose with a ball valve) in the crash or shear valve test port. These fittings allowed quick, dry, and easy access to the line without trying to drain pressurized fuel out through the plugged access port in the shear valve.

The plugs in these valves are hard to remove and often rounded. Worsening an already bad situation, the plug is often facing the wrong direction. They regularly drip and spurt fuel, sometimes activating the sump sensor. When the plug is reinstalled after testing, it may leak as the threads are frequently worn. Too often, the shear valve housing is cracked over-torquing the plug to stop weeping.

Technicians arriving at sites with known or suspected high line resiliency (bleedback) are tripping the shear valve, removing the filter, installing the TAP and draining the rest of the product quickly and safely.

Short of moving the dispenser and breaking plumbing, there is no easier way to flush the line system than installing the TAP and using a 1” hose to flush the line to the dispenser.

Patent Application In Process  •  Designed and Manufactured in U.S.A.

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