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Manufacturer of: mechanical line leak detectors and electronic line leak detection from the forecourt of service stations and truck stops to boat docks, loading racks, day tanks and airport fueling systems. 

We also manufacture mechanical and electronic overfill protection systems for tanks, containment sump testers, pump shutdown modules with integration to site monitoring equipment, repressurization modules to eliminate thermal contraction, and leak detector field testing equipment. 

VMI also provides operator testing and certification for equipment installation and field testing services.


VMI catastrophic Line Leak Detectors and Overfill Protection Valves for aboveground storage tanks (pressurized fuel, loading the tank) are guaranteed to work “as is” in virtually all fuels being used today, including: Ethanol, Methanol, and Biodiesel in up to 100% concentrations.  In addition, these valves are also capable of working with Aviation fuels: AvGas, Jet A and JP-4.  As always, they work with traditional fuels - gasoline, kerosene and all grades of regular diesel.   

VMI Mechanical Line Leak Detectors’ standard warranty guarantees our units will detect a 3 GPH @ 10 PSI leak for 24 months after installation.  VMI Overfill Protection Valves are guaranteed for 18 months after installation.  VMI Overfill Protection Valves have an optional Functional Test Kit that allows periodic field testing of these valves’ ability to prevent overfills during filling operations.  No other overfill valve has this feature. 

Standard brass fittings and copper tubing come supplied with every unit.  When VMI Mechanical Line Leak Detectors and Overfill Protection Valves are used with AvGas, Jet A and JP-4, stainless steel fittings and tubing are required as these fuels are prohibited from coming in contact with lead, commonly found in red metals.  Additionally, when Ethanol and Methanol concentrations are above 20% or when Biodiesel concentrations are above 5%, stainless steel fittings and tubing should be installed for long, leak free service life.  We sell stainless steel fittings and tubing separately for these sites.  With our quality, factory built equipment and a couple of our stainless steel kits in your inventory, you can install with confidence, leak detection and overfill protection for virtually any fuel at any site anywhere in the world!

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